Three Cities You Should Visit In Georgia On A Vacation


As you plan your next vacation, and you are trying to decide on which state to visit, Georgia ought to be at the top of your list. This is a very popular southern state,

right above Florida, a place that is complete with beautiful landscapes and many mysteries. There are three specific cities that you want to consider visiting if you are going to go this year. These cities include Savannah, Atlanta, and a little suburb called Marietta.

Reasons For Visiting Savannah

People that go to Savannah are often looking for two specific things. First of all, they are very close to the water. Second, they are probably looking for those ghost tours that are highly publicized. They are into paranormal investigations and ghost activities. If you have an interest in any of that, you will definitely find your stay in Savannah to be very rewarding. However, if you want to be more inland, and you want to experience the big city life, Atlanta is the place you want to be.

Why You Should Go To Atlanta

You should certainly go to Atlanta if you are interested in doing some activities in the city. You can take tours of the city, go to the different parks, and also bike rides that are available. There are zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens that you can visit. There are excellent shows, plus you can see the Coca-Cola and CNN buildings that are always very popular. If touring the city by foot, or in the electric car, is not what you want to do, Segway tours are always available. If the city is too much for you, then you can head north up to the city of Marietta.

How To Have Fun In Marietta

You can have quite a bit of fun in this little area which is a suburb of Atlanta itself. You can experience excellent food tours, beverages, and you can see museums. There are concerts, shows and you can also go to the Six Flags White Water park. All of these activities are geared for people of all ages. As mentioned before, it’s designed for people that would prefer not to be in the city. It’s also close enough to metropolitan Atlanta that you can pick and choose what days you experience the fun filled activities that either of these beautiful locations.

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