What You Can Do In St. Simons Georgia


Some people referred to this as an island, whereas others just consider it to be a part of Georgia that is right on the Atlantic. It’s close to Piney Bluff, Jekyll Island, and if you keep going north you will come to Savannah. It has a very small population of about 13,000 people. There are quite a few landmarks and activities that you can do.

There are light houses that you can see, and battlefields are many people have died during the Civil War. These are some of the best places you can go if you decide to visit Saint Simons Island in Georgia.

The Bloody Marsh

At the very least, this is a place of historical interest It’s a great place to view a very unique swamp. It’s a very quiet place, but the name does cause many people to stop buying to see exactly why it is called this name.

Christ Church

Different from the city that is in New Zealand, this particular location actually does have an old church. It’s just an iconic place to stop and learn a little bit about its history. You can check out the building, and learn about the memorial garden that is on the property as well.

Different Light Houses You Can See

There are several different light houses which makes sense because it’s right on the Atlantic. There is Saint Simons lighthouse which is considered to be a specialty Museum. There is also the Coastal Georgia Historic Society, and many other locations that you can visit.

Other Places You Can Go

A couple other places that you might want to consider visiting include the Tree Spirits of Saint Simon. You can see the Fort Frederica national monument, and also check out Saint Simons Island.

A trip to this area is probably one that you should do just to see what is actually there. You will have a lot of fun as you are driving through the area, perhaps on your way up to Atlanta or Savannah. At the very least, you will get to see the Atlantic Ocean which is wonderful during the spring and summer months. Just take your time to really appreciate the many different places that are here, along with the tours and outdoor activities that are also available. You can also take a charter out onto the water and do a little bit of fishing. You can cover everything in just one day in this tiny area of Georgia.

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