Why A Trip To Atlanta Georgia Can Help You Unwind


As you look at a map of all of the cities and towns that you can visit in Georgia, Atlanta is simply going to stand out. It is going to be your point of origin if you are flying in from a different state or country.

You could decide to later go to some of the other cities like Augusta, Marietta, or Columbus. However, if your time is limited, stick with this amazing city that will keep you preoccupied your entire trip. Here are some of the things that will stand out as you are looking at the different activities and tours that Atlanta has to offer.

The Atlanta City Tour By Electric Car

There are so many ways that you can see the city, but this new electric car system is absolutely fantastic. There is no noise at all as you are driving around in these cars that have glass sides. You will be able to see everything, plus your tour guide will explain what you are looking at as it comes. This could be much better than the Segway rides, especially if it’s hot outside or if it is raining. You can find this company that offers this tour, and if you order online, you can save some money.

Georgia Aquarium And The Botanical Garden

Two other places that you need to go include the Georgia Aquarium which has thousands of positive reviews. You can get tickets online, and take advantage of special offers, at this beautiful aquarium that does research and helps to save animals small whales and dolphins. The other places the Atlanta Botanical Garden which is just like what you would expect. Beautiful flowers everywhere, and also an emphasis on nature and the environment, something that is so important today.

CNN Atlanta Studio Tour

When the Cable News Network was started by Ted Turner so many years ago, no one ever thought this was going to work. To imagine you could launch a satellite into space, and that people would actually want to watch news reports 24 hours a day, this was considered to be outlandish. Today, it is something we take for granted and you can go to the original studios on a tour. Check it out if you are a fan of the number one Cable News Network.

These ideas should start you thinking about everything you can do when you get to Atlanta. If you have a week or two, you will be able to do something every day. Find out more about discounts on the tickets that you will have to purchase for some of these activities. Make sure that you order your plane ticket, car rental, and your hotel a couple weeks before you come to save the most money.

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